• An Empty Canvas
    June 1st 2015
    An Empty Canvas

    In June 2015, we took the first step toward building our new company. We had been running a video production studio out of a garage and the time had come to level up. We found this grungy warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City. Although it looked rough around the edges, we saw the potential this space had. We gutted it and sanded the 60-year-old floors down to the original concrete to start fresh.


  • Getting Our Hands Dirty
    Getting Our Hands Dirty

    Every single tile laid, brush stroke painted, or nail in a piece of wood was put there by a member of our team. Piece by piece, we began building what would become a beautiful filming studio and audio recording studio. We know that it takes hard work and dedication to get resultsthe work ethic needed to build our facility carries over into the projects we work on with clients.

  • The Window to Our Future
    The Window to Our Future

    No film studio is complete without a sound department, and we spared no expense building our audio studio. Liquid green glue compound rests in between layers of drywall while 4 inch thick sound panels hang on the wall, giving us the perfect acoustic environment to capture any sound. We wanted this to be the perfect creative space for musicians, voice artists, and brands to record crystal clear audio.

  • Heating Things Up
    Heating Things Up

    Being that we eat, sleep and breath our work, having a kitchen in our facility was a must. It’s not uncommon to find us working long hours, into the night and early mornings, to complete a project. Other times, you might find us exchanging ideas over a freshly cooked meal, and we encourage our creative partners to stop by and join in!

  • The Cyclorama Wall
    The Cyclorama Wall

    Building this cyclorama wall was quite the learning curveno pun intended! After a lot of research we rolled up our sleeves and tackled this project, determined to build it to perfection, and we succeeded. Our cyclorama wall is large enough to accommodate even your biggest photo shoot or video project and we are proud to be able to provide this studio space to our clients.


Today, the Elm Studios facilities are alive with creative projects. Every day, albums are recorded here, music videos are shot here, product videos are filmed, brands are developed and designed. Elm Studios continues to buzz with the energy it was built with. Let us continue building with you.

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