Ragnar Relay Series – Branded Content
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Ragnar Relay events are intense!  Here’s the scoop…  Teams of 12 or super teams of 6 run through the night and complete a 180+ mile relay race with their team.  Some of them in less then 24 hours!  Our job?  To chase these teams with tons of gear and equipment and capture not just the race, but the camaraderie and moments that make these events special.   The events take place spanning a Friday/Saturday and once the races are completed, we immediately start the editing process.  Often times this process begins on our flight home,  we work around the clock to create 4 or more pieces of content and deliver them to Ragnar for the first one to be posted the Monday after the event and the others to follow that week.
Why do we crank out the content so quickly?  Well… With the event fresh on peoples minds, we like to take advantage of that and post the content ASAP.  This often results in the content going viral due to the fact that people are still running on the adrenaline that Ragnar events bring!