V2 Presents – Branded Festival Content
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We have been privileged to work alongside V2 Presents creating content for their 4 annual festivals for over 5 years now. Our task is to create festival trailers to boost ticket sales for events in addition to creating recap videos and other promotional content so that attendees can relive events for months and years to come. With each festival holding its own unique feel, we approach each one differently.  Decadence  is V2’s annual New Years event.  Each year, we find new and creative ways to invite attendees to enter the new year fresh and leave their pasts behind.  We have helped build the Decadence brand with a feeling of indulgence and rebirth!  Following Decadence is V2’s annual spring event, Get Lucky.  Get Lucky is centered around Saint Patricks day and we try to bring a feeling of enchantment and magic to this event.  We leave viewers asking themselves, “What will Get Lucky have in store for me!?”   After Get Lucky, we gear up for the biggest event of the year, Das Energi Festival.  Das Energi is twice the size of the other events.  With the warm temperatures that come to Salt Lake City during the summer, it allows V2 to throw the event outdoors, providing for bigger stages, bigger artists, bigger production and bigger capacity!  The event take place at The Great Salt Air and the surrounding scenery can only be described as magical!  Warm temperatures, the beach of The Great Salt Lake and a magical sunset makes this event quite special.  Over the years, we have built a story for this event, and each year our mascot pirate makes his appearance in trailers and recap videos!   This pirate has been sucked into magical crystal balls, stranded in the middle of the desert and everything in between!  All of this for his quest to search for what makes Das Energi what it is!  Das Energi is the current that connects us all!  Finally, we reach our final event of the year, Get Freaky!  Get Freaky is centered around Halloween, giving attendees a chance to let their inner demon or angel come out for a weekend of freakiness!

It has been quite a journey to grow alongside V2 Presents and be a part of their festivals growing year after year.